Doors Screens

Fly Doors

Are all fly doors created equal? We don’t think so! We have a range of meshes and colours for you to choose from. We take pride in our friendly and knowledgeable service.

Armourglide sliding fly door systems are made to suit all window brands. They are built for strength, durability, and versatility, with special design features allowing for quick install and smooth, trouble free operation.

Types of Screen

Standard fly screen mesh
Pet Mesh
Good for cats, dogs and kids! Heavy duty / hard wearing mesh that resists tears
Fire rated
Stainless steel mesh – contact your local council to see if you are in a fire rated area
Stainless steel
SCREENGUARD® Stainless Steel Security Mesh is included in our Armourscreen Barrier Screens
One Way Mesh
Designed so you can only see from the inside to the outside. Creates a sense of privacy. Available in standard colours of primrose, brown, white, birch white and black.

Safety Grille Doors

Custom made Safety Doors are available for sliding or hinged doors. Safety Grilles are tempered for greater strength. This special process gives added toughness. Virtually maintenance free, both grilles and frames come in a range of colours to suite any décor.

Armourglide sliding safety door systems are made to suit all window brands. They are built for strength, durability, and versatility, with special design features allowing for quick install and smooth, trouble free operation.

Hinged safety doors can be fitted with the extra feature of a 3 point safety lock. Three interlocking security hinges may deter even the most persistent intruder.

All doors come with bug strips and door closers.

½ Panel

Half Panel Doors add to protection from the weather and pets. The half panel on the bottom can be made with either safety diamond grille or fully enclosed. Available in a range of pre-finished colours and styles.

Armourscreen Barrier Doors with Stainless Steel Security Mesh

Protect your view with Armourscreen Barrier Doors using SCREENGUARD® Stainless Steel Security Mesh.

SCREENGUARD® systems have been put to the test and pass the latest rigid Australian Standards AS 5039-2003. These tests are designed to simulate an intense attack using force to gain entry through the screen or door. The system is designed and manufactured from marine grade 316 Stainless steel mesh and is corrosion resistant.

SCREENGUARD® systems protect beautifully. No longer do you need to look at ugly grills, bars or similar obstructions that spoil your view. Take advantage of woven stainless steel mesh protection.

SCREENGUARD® aluminium frames are leading the way by using T6 grade, high tensile extruded aluminium, this ensures strength and quality. The aluminium is superbly finished using state of the art Australian equipment.

The anti corrosive stainless steel wire mesh is coated with a UV protected coating using advanced coating processes to ensure clear, long lasting looks.

Armourscreen Barrier Doors include a 3 point locking system.

Roll-Away Door Screens

The system that’s changing the entire approach to insect screening. Easily installed in new or existing doors, the system sit unobtrusively on the side. Designed to blend in with your environment, the roll-away screen allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views whilst protecting you from those nasty creepy crawlies.

The unique track and weather pile design avoids blowouts and can suite a single door span up to 3 metres (6 metre span using Bi-parting method). They can be fitted vertically or horizontally to suit your needs. The unique spring loaded system allows for smooth operation and sturdy locking system ensures the screen remains in place.

Simple, stylish and a perfect solution to screen:

  • Bifold Doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Verandahs
  • Large openings
  • Difficult to screen areas

Ordering Options

Kit Form
Pre-tensioned screen in the self contained cassette. Simple to install with easy to following instructions
Made to Measure
Delivery and installation also available
Shading, UV protection and Block Out fabrics are also available

Decorative Doors

Hard Core Screen Solutions

Hard Core Screen Doors have the traditional look of wrought iron, but unlike steel, they won’t rust or corrode as all exposed surfaces are aluminium, treated with a special chromate conversion process and the powder coated in a colour of your choice.

Each of the Aluminium bars which make up the grille in a Hard Core Screen has a hard core made of a super hard alloy which is much harder than ordinary steel. This makes the bars extremely difficult to cut. In addition, all doors are fitted with a triple point lock.

Colonial Castings

Rust will never be a problem, all door inserts are gravity die cast in 100% recyclable aluminium, which is also know for its durability and strength. The frames are constructed from extruded aluminium. To capture that added touch of personal style and individuality, we offer you a wide choice of colours in a hardy powder coated finish.

In terms of maintenance, we recommend that all doors should be wash down regularly especially in a salt water environment.