Windows & Doors

Sliding Windows

One of the most popular windows for houses and home units is the traditional sliding window, and for good reason. Sliding windows have the following benefits:

  • High performance interlocking mullions for added strength and durability.
  • Deep weatherproof seal.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Smooth, quiet sliding action.
  • Integrated insect screens.
  • Provides good airflow.
  • Choice of height adjustable security key locks.

Our sliding windows have been designed to provide excellent access to screens and sill sections for cleaning.

Our aluminium sliding windows come in a wide range of colours, so there is sure to be a colour that will match or contrast with your exterior building material or style, curtains, carpets, furnishings or interior paint scheme.

Also available in Western Red Cedar.

Double Hung Windows

Whether building your new home or renovating, we have a range of double hung windows to complement your home.

Designed to be simple to use, double hung windows incorporate a unique balance system allowing minimal effort to raise or lower.

The ability to open both the top and bottom part of double hung windows means that hot air can escape and cool air can take its place. When it is raining, you can also open any top sash protected by the eaves of the house to keep fresh air moving through your home.

Available with a traditional cam lock or key lock for your added security.

Our aluminium windows come in a wide range of colours.

Also available in Western Red Cedar - in Colonial, Heritage and Federation designs

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and operated by a winder at the window sill. They are an excellent weathershielding window – they can be opened for ventilation and still provide weather protection.

Their architectural lines offer a clean, balanced appearance which is pleasing to the eye. Awning windows are ideal for looking out over pool areas, shrubberies and other interesting garden features.

The full perimeter sash seal offers maximum weather protection as well as reducing air infiltration which has a significant impact on sound intrusion and energy efficiency. The awning window is also the best choice when outside sound is an issue, as the full seal cuts out sounds.

For improved security and comfort, we offer a key locking system as well as insect screens for effective protection.

Our aluminium windows come in a wide range of colours.

Also available in Western Red Cedar.

Bay Windows

Our aluminium bay windows are available in 135° and 90° configurations. They can be combined with our entire range of products such as awning, double hung and sliding windows and doors. The bay window can be floor to ceiling; in such cases the window is glazed with grade ‘A’ safety glass in accordance AS1288 (Australian Standard for glass in buildings). In general, the bay window can be manufactured in a wide range of heights and widths.

Bay Windows also available in Western Red Cedar to add a sense of space and light to your home.

Louvre Windows

Strong powder-coated aluminium frames with louvre blades available in two widths. A choice of glass, Western Red Cedar or extruded aluminium blades are available in a sturdy aluminium surround.

Each louvre blade is secured by unique injection-moulded clips that are silent, provide a weather-tight seal and won’t corrode!

Adding insect or safety screens is a breeze!

Combination Sliding Door & Window

The combination sliding door & window is useful in areas where space is at a premium. Any rooms that open onto balconies or verandahs are perfect for a combination sliding door & window.

It provides the convenience of entry and ventilation in one unit, and the increased area of glass means that light floods into the room to brighten it up.

Standard door and window combinations are supplied with toughened safety glass and a motif (which is great when you have children who love to run through your home!) Security locks can also be fitted to these combination units as an optional extra.

Our aluminium combination sliding door and window range is available in a variety of coordinated colours to easily integrate into any decor.

Also available in Western Red Cedar.

Sliding Doors and Sliding Stacking Doors

Our sliding and stacking doors provide a greater use of floor space due to the unobtrusive sliding panel. A wide opening can be achieved with sliding doors. They can be left open in strong breezes without the fear of slamming.

Our sliding and stacking doors have an internal sliding panel that offers great security. They also feature a self-draining sill and seal to prevent water penetration and comply with the requirements AS2047 (Australian Standard for window and door performance). The self draining sill is available in a higher water carrying capacity incorporating a sub-sill which we recommend for building sites with extreme weather exposure such as coastal areas.

Manufactured for easy maintenance and durability, our sliding and stacking doors are smooth and quiet in operation.

Our aluminium doors come in a wide range of colours.

Also available in Western Red Cedar.

Bi-Fold Doors

Stylish and practical bi-fold doors are a new solution when seeking free flowing access from indoors to your outdoor recreational areas. Choose your preferred style – fully floating or a combination of floating, folding or hinged entry.

Choose your preferred hardware finish, be it polished or satin chrome, natural polished brass or popular powder coating finish in your choice of colour. Stainless steel carriage components are available for coastal applications.

For weather protection, these doors feature full perimeter seals, sturdy head and sill, and are only available in the open-out configuration.

Our aluminium doors come in a wide range of colours.

Also available in Western Red Cedar.

Casement Windows

Hinged at the side to swing outwards, casement windows are ideal for bringing in gentle breezes. Casement windows are fitted with an internal winder operating mechanism that controls window opening and closing. This mechanism allows easy and convenient window operation, as well as access to cleaning the exterior glass from the inside.

Made from quality solid Cedar with a choice of different glazing, casement windows offer uninterrupted views with an option for insect screens that do not need to be removed for window operation.

Entry Doors & Frames

We offers a choice of single and double opening doors; overhead panels; sidelights incorporating glazed panels of clear, coloured, textured or custom glass; or panels of solid cedar. Entry door frames are purpose designed with a recess to allow easy and neat fitment of safety screen doors.

You can select a new door for an existing frame, a new frame to accentuate a favourite door, or a brand new door and frame to set off your home. Personalise your own home by creating that unique entry to suit your style – be it glass bricks, louvres or double hung windows next to your entry door.

A wide variety of lock sets are available in popular powder coat, chrome, or brass plated to complement the finish.

Custom Windows

Custom windows add individuality to your home.

These windows can be functional, or they can simply be a decorative feature, enhanced by the use of leadlight, colonial bars and other elements. For example, arch windows add light and focus to entry doors and stairwells.

We have the technology to manufacture circular, semi circular, triangular or any other shape to suit your home design.