Common qualities shared by award-winning architects in Sydney

By | February 22, 2022

In Sydney, what are the common qualities are shared by award-winning architects, Sydney? What makes them stand out in the architectural world?

Single-handedly working on any design and project is the common belief many believe award-winning architects do. Yet, that is not the case as the success of any architectural project usually involves not only the architect but a team of expert personnel.

The various specialisations of the different experts hold the key to creating a design that is considered award-winning. However, the outcome of any residential or commercial project is wholly dependent on the qualities of an architect.

To this end, the qualities commonly shared by award-winning architects include:

They take time to listen

Taking the time to listen to their team and clients is a valuable skill many award-winning architects do. Every project they do is not considered as theirs alone but the project of the team. They know the value of the expertise brought in by the other team members. Acknowledging the valuable contributions of the team members often inspires them to come up with innovative ideas.

They acknowledge the importance of giving back to their profession

Giving back to their profession is a quality many award-winning architects do. It is because they have seen how important it is to belong to architectural organisations. Becoming members of their organisations not only helps them to thrive; their present and future interests are also protected. It is why you see a lot of top architects become members of many architectural organisations.

Reading is part of their routine

Taking the time to peruse and read technical and design magazines is a common trait shared by award-winning architects. They believe that it is only in constant reading that they stay on top of their game.

Being updated on the latest technology through reading provides them an advantage not only as architects but as designers as well. They usually subscribe to many technical magazines for them to stay updated; it also encourages them to practice the things they have read about.

They are open to criticism

Not readily offended by criticisms is one of the top qualities seen in multi-awarded architects. They understand that criticisms are part of their profession and letting go of their egos has got them to where they are. Removing themselves from ideas is what they do while making their various projects top of the list.

Yet, they also consider criticisms as long as it proves to help or add value to their current project. In the same way, criticising their team members is not their practice either. Instead, they question or make suggestions when needed. They have found that this method inspires their team members to work their best on all projects.

They take time to sketch or draw

One of the essential tools of communication used by many award-winning architects is taking time to sketch or draw by hand. A sketch speaks a thousand words and is easily understood by clients and team members. Multi-awarded architects hone this skill knowing its importance.


Working single-handedly is not the way award-winning architects, Sydney do. They may start the project but eventually need the expertise of other team members to execute their ideas and designs. This method makes them come up with award-winning designs and concepts. The Quinlan Group are architects in Sydney. Contact us to know more about us.

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