What mistakes should you avoid when having a security camera installation in Brisbane?

By | December 29, 2021

Security cameras have become a very convenient and cost-effective way of enhancing security in Brisbane. They come along with so many benefits that use live from installing them in their premises. However, security cameras can only be effective and convenient if they are installed properly and maintained as required.


Unfortunately, many people invest in security cameras in Brisbane but most of them do not enjoy the privileges of having security cameras installed on their premises. This is because they make many mistakes during the security camera installation. Therefore it’s important for you to note all the mistakes that people make during security camera installation so that you can avoid them and enjoy having the security cameras installed in your property.


Mistakes to avoid when having a security camera installation project in Brisbane

Installing security cameras in Brisbane the following are some of the mistakes that you must avoid at all costs:


  • Selecting the wrong length

One of the things that you need to know is that security cameras have different types of lenses. Therefore you need to know the type of lens that suits the security needs of your premises of the business. Although this can be confusing you must do all you can to select the right lens. To ensure that you don’t make any mistakes you should identify your security needs so that you can select a lens that matches your needs.


  • Poor positioning

When it comes to placing your security cameras on your premises it’s always important for you to do it accurately. However, most people place their security cameras at the wrong positions and angles. If you position your security cameras accurately it will be difficult for you to capture the happenings of your premises. This means that your security camera will be inconvenient for you.


  • Covering the infrared light

If you’re installing security cameras on your premises so that you can have coverage overnight or in dark areas you must look for security cameras that have infrared lights. The lights allow the security cameras to pick up footage despite the absence of other sources of light. Although these lights are visible most people block them so that people cannot see them.


When you do that the cameras you have installed will not have a form of the night to help them capture the images which means that the security cameras will not capture anything period this is why you need to avoid covering the infrared lights


  • Failing to weatherproof cables

In case you are installing the security cameras outside it’s important for you to waterproof this electrical equipment. Even though most security cameras are suitable for outdoor installation the wires and cables connecting them are not weatherproof. Therefore you need to avoid leaving these cables unproofed as most people do.


  • Installing security cameras on your own

Most people think that security camera installation is an easy task and therefore they never hire professionals whenever they’re having such a project. You need to know that this kind of job requires a professional to ensure that no mistake is done during the process.


Professionals know all the steps to follow and the mistakes to avoid and like anyone else who is not qualified and experienced in installing security cameras. This is why you need to avoid installing the security cameras on your own.



Do professionals make any mistakes during security camera installation?

Anyone qualified and experienced in installing solar cameras in Brisbane will never make any mistakes while installing security cameras for you. They know what to do at every step. They have also learnt from the mistakes they’ve done in the past and therefore they are unlikely to make any mistakes whenever they’re installing security cameras for you. Call SEQ to get in touch with the best installers.


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